group show C.Art Galerie – Dornbirn

NEW IN vol.2

Vernissage: 17. Nov. 2018, 11.00 – 13.00, Galerie, Prantl & Boch, Marktstrasse 45, 6850 Dornbirn

Gezeigt werden neue Positionen von Künstlern aus unserem Programm bzw. von Künstlern, die zum 1 x in der Galerie präsentiert werden.

‘Fragmented Layers’ – new works

‘Fragmented Layers’ (here for example # 2387) is a new series of works focussing on the transparencies, reflections and their effect on human perception. Created with printed plastic sheets on painted masonite.

So far realised in the size of 52 x 42 cm (framed). Larger formats based on printed plastic sheets are soon to come.

shipping a big work

It took some helping hands to manage everything needed for the shipment of a big work to the US. Thank you everybody helping to make it work out!