‚A DREAM WITHIN A DREAM‘ – solo show @ Galeriá Victor Lope – Barcelona

About the title of the show:
‚A dream within a dream‘ is a poem by American poet Edgar Alan Poe.

The poem dramatizes the confusion felt by the narrator as he watches the important things in life slip away. Realizing he cannot hold on to even one grain of sand, he is led to his final question whether all things are just a dream… (Wikipedia)

Exactly this status of ambiguity and inability of real cognition is one point I’m aiming at with my paintings. For, is that what I see the painted composition or just reflection? Is there a real space I’m looking at or is it an imagination? – and eventually what is the artwork? Just the painted coloured and non coloured material glued to the support? or is the inevitable reflection in fact an integral part of the work?
Realising our inability to answer all questions: what can we be sure of – at all?

So finally it might be that ‚all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream‘ 😳

Opening Reception: June 26th
Duration: June 27th – September 7th
Galeriá Victor Lope