‚The world is deep…‘


‚The world is deep…‘
solo show – Galerie Roger Katwijk – Amsterdam
Feb 26 – Mar 26 – 2022

The title of the show refers to the fact, that truth and reality is never traceable plain on the surface but only in the depth – like Paul Cézanne already recognised: ‚Nature is not on the surface, yet in the depth. The colours are the expression of this depth on the surface. They arise from the roots of the world. They are their life, the life of ideas.‘ (Quote from Cézanne)

Which perfectly matches with my paintings…

The words (‚The world is deep..‘) itself is as well  a quote out of a poem of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (Zarathustra’s Roundelay), where he entitles our longing for knowing, reality and eternity. – Which -from my perspective – reflects a lot the essence of my works…